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Me, My Germs and James

Title: Me, My Germs and James

Directors: Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Screenplay: Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Editing: Antonio Sequeira

Music: Peter Birzman

Animation: Louis O`Shea

Year: 2019

Country: United Kingdom

Length: 16’12’’


A teenage romantic comedy about Lilly, who is a germaphobe, because of the way she was raised by her mom. She dreams of her first kiss with the guy she loves, but because of the germs she imagines in his mouth, she is not able to. Yet, her first romantic feelings are bursting through her perfectly clean heart.


Anastasiia Vorotniuk

Anastasiia Vorotniuk is a Ukrainian filmmaker who graduated in a Masters from The London Film School. She has studied and practiced a wide variety of subjects ranging from Acting, to Philosophy, to Photography, to Dancing and Directing, making her a very volatile filmmaker, with an artistic vision that is very unique and peculiar. She also works as a cinematographer. Her most recent work include “Artificial Bid”, “We Three” and “A Son like Others” that got into various festivals, such as “Short Shorts Film Festival” in Tokyo and “FEST-New Directors New Films Festival”.