La volpe e il corvo

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La volpe e il corvo


Director: Ferenc Cakó
Script: Ferenc Cakó
Animation: Jànos Szabolcsi
Music: Zoltàn Mericske
Editing: Magda Hap
Production: Cakó Studiò
Running Time: 9′
Year: 2003
Country: Hungary

Gold Remi Prize Houston World Fest 2004

Variatlons on the well-known tale by La Fontaine.


Born in Budapest in 1950. Graduated at the College for Creative Arts in 1973. He worked at the road Pannonia Film Studio as an animator – designer – director from 1973 to 1991. Meanwhile, he made three series for children: Never Mind Toby (26 episodes), Zeno (22 episodes), Elephant TofTof (52 episodes), Legends of Hungarian Castles (13 episodes). His individual and special sand animation show is very popular all over the world. He makes illustration for children several and youth books. His graphics and painting are shown at Individual exhibitions in the major cities of Hungary and abroad. He teaches 3D animation at School of Applied Arts.