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The products in artistic ceramic were created in two different workshops “In Black and white”, which took place in Ponte Felcino (PG) between February and May 2018. These were organised by two associations “Il ponte d’incontro 3.0” and “Officina Via Fratta” of Umbertide, supported by “Arci Solidarietà Ora d’Aria” of Perugia.

Young girls and boys from different nationalities took part in these workshops, 15 of them were asylum seekers who actually live in the hostel of Villa Giardino in Ponte Felcino.

The two artists Claudia Andreani and Valeria Vestrelli, from “Officina via Fratta” of Umbertide, were inspired by the event “Felciniana 2017” and they had the idea of creating these workshops with the refugees of the hostel of Villa Giardino in Ponte Felcino. The collaboration with the painter and sculptor Eghomie Kennedy was very important, he taught the participants the techniques of the processing of the artistic ceramic.

The title of this project wants to express the thematic of life stories which have as protagonist the two colours black and white. A lot of lives which had the same amount of tragic moments but now they live in the same present as everyone else. Black and white are such a banal and complicated distinction of colours, seen as a contrast between opposites, as an old difference between good and evil, positive and negative and opposite energies which attract and reject each other.

The title of the workshop is the result of this theme, these two colours don’t represent only a concept that applies to the project, but it is also reflected in the materials used. Black and white clays, opaque and shiny varnish were used. They were used with several materials and various decorative techniques were adopted to cook the ceramic.

The Association “Il ponte d’incontro 3.0” has as a prime goal a “life together”.  It teaches the importance of making something together outside our small world. The association wants to create a more human and friendly atmosphere where the connections are the key to a bearable development. Moreover, it wants to grant a global interdependence by the understanding of the essence of the diversity which is a crucial part of the development and not an obstacle for it.

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