Two Trams

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Two Trams

Director: Svetlana Andrianova

Screenplay: Svetlana Andrianova

Cinematography: Igor Skidan-Bosin

Sound: Artem Fadeev

Production: Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio

Year: 2016

Country: Russia

Length: 10′

Synopsis: Everyday, two streetcars, Klick and Tram, happily leave their station and travel the town, picking up passengers. Although some things may change, they are family and will always stick together.  


Svetlana Andrianova is born in Moscow, Russia in 1975 and is an alumna of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum at the Institute of Surikov, the Painting Department. She studied Animation at Pilot Studio at A.M. Tatarsky and attended workshops of computer graphics and animation at All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) as well as Shar-School-Studio. Her films as director include Poet and the Moon (1997), Mystery (1999), Outlook (2001), Player (2007), Green Teeth (2011), Prankster (2011), Tender Owls (2015), and Two Trams (2016).  


Teatro San Fedele 7th July h. 6 pm