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Title: Cat 

Screenplay and Director: Julia Ocker 

Animators: Ged Haney 

Sound Design and Music: Christian Heck, Sumophonic 

Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann 

Year: 2022 

Country: Germany 

Length: 3 minutes and 37 seconds 



 Cat is looking forward to a new delicious soup recipe! Until the ingredient list takes an unexpected turn. 


Julia Ocker is an animation director, designer and author from Stuttgart. She studied Visual communication in Germany and Egypt. Her graduation film “Kellerkind” won the First Steps Awards 2012, the Tricky Women Prize 2013 and was nominated for the 2014 Annie Awards. Julia discovered her passion for children’s movies as she had the opportunity to produce five short films from which came her own series “Animanimals”. The series has been sold to more than 180 international territories and in 2019 was nominated for an Internationalo Emmy. Also, episodes standing as individual short films have won 70 awards across the globe. The second season of the ANIMANIMALS will be finished in 2022.