Les Enfants de l’Amour

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Les Enfants de l’Amour


Director: Geoffrey Enthoven
Script: Geoffrey Enthoven
Photography: Gerd ScheUhout
Music: Das Pop
Editing: Geoffrey Enthoven
Cast: Fauve De loof, Michael Philpott, Winnifred Vigilante, Jean-Louis Leclerq, Nathalie Stas, Olivier Ythier
Production: Fobic Films
Distribution: Cine International
Year: 2002
Running Time: 87′
Country: Belgium

Les enfants de l’amour shows us fragments from the life of a torn family. After two failed marriages Nathalie, a working woman, lives with her three children. Life is not easy and as a single mother she struggles to make ends meet.


Studied cinema at the univerisity level. He and Mariano Vanhoof founded Fobic Film, and together they made a first short film, De Aanspreker, which won numerous awards. Les Enfants de l’amour was made in 2002 and won the Award from the Public at the Ghent Film Festival. In 2003 he made his second feature film The Voice on Wings and another short called Hèliotropes.