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HOUDINIS HUND / Houdini’s dog

Director: Sara Johnsen
Script: Sara Johnsen
Photography: Odd Reinhardt Nicolaysen
Music: Ståe Kaspersen
Editing: Inge Lise Langfeldt
Cast: Jo Mikkel Sjaastad, Klara Amanda Felicia Døving
Production: Friland As
Distribution: Norwegian Film Institut
Year: 2003
Running Time: 14’
Country: Norway

Best Short Film – KinderfiImFest Berlinale; Best Short Film – Almería International Short Film Festival, Hamburg Short Film Festival, La Cittadella del corto

A little boy and a little girl are playing on the beach. He is acting as if he were her slave, wanting to please her all the time. A dog disappears and – abracadabra – the little boy too. Now what will happen?


Born in 1970, she started her directing studies at the Norwegian Film School, graduating in 2000. Her school films In Spite of Ourselves and Hormones and Other Demons, won several international awards. She has directed two episodes of the drama series The Family for SVT (Swedish Television) and participated as one of several directors in the feature film project Utopia – Nobody is perfect in the perfect country.