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Johnny Express
Johnny Express
Director: Woo Kyungmin
Script: Woo Kyungmin
Animation: Woo Kyungmin, Rho Seemin
Editing: Woo Kyungmin
Music: Kim Myungjong, Lim Jungyoon
Production: Kim Jisang
Year: 2014
Country: Korea

Running Time: 5′

New York international Children’s Film Festival, Best Short Film, Best Animated Short Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

Johnny, a space delivery courier is traveling though space to deliver a package. His ship soon arrives on a very small planet where he needs to deliver the package. The package is so small, he has to look through a magnifying glass to see it. Johnny walks around the planet, looking for the recipient not knowing he is destroying these teeny tiny purple aliens cities.


He studied Visual Design at Hanyang University and worked at Alfred Imageworks as a designer and animation director. Currently, he is developing a feature film adaptation of his short animation Johnny Express at Mofac&Alfred.