The Red Herring

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The Red Herring
Director: Leevi Lemmetty
Script: Leevi Lemmetty
Animation: Andrea Rhode, Paul Torris
Editing: Miikka Leskinen
Music: Mark Thomas
Production: Tamsin Lyons and Hannele Lemmetty / Finnish Film Foundation
Year: 2015
Country: Finland / Ireland
Running Time: 6’30”

One sunny day in the Antarctic, a gentle fisher‑penguin catches fish for his friends. They are impatient for more as always. Into this happy scene arrives a charming salesman. Dazzled by his confidence and his fish shaped tie, the penguins follow him away, leaving the fisher penguin alone. It’s not long before the group has returned, this time with a huge, heavy fishing machine. As it cranks into gear, the fisher‑penguin looks worriedly at the ice… this surely won’t end well…


A director working across animation and live‑action, Leevi has directed short films, television series and music videos for international clients. His work has screened internationally in live venues including the Royal Festival Hall London and the Forbidden City Concert Hall Beijing, at film festivals including Annecy, Sitges and Toronto (Kids), and been broadcast by MTV, Sky 3D, YLE and RTÉ among others. His previous animated film Papa’s Boy was distributed in Finnish cinemas by Nordisk, on Nintendo Video, iTunes and around the world at film festivals. A graduate of the UK’s prestigious National Film & Television School, Leevi’s graduation film Mad World was nominated for a Royal Television Society award.