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Our Shorts – 26th Umbria Film Festival



No one should go to the cinema if they don’t believe in heroes.

(John Wayne)

A rebellious young hen, an ambitious crab, three intrepid marmots, a little girl in love, hard-working foxes, a protective T-Rex, a boy mistreated by his boss…These are just some of the protagonists of the short films of the 26th UFF. From 6 July, adventurous, surprising, sweet, sometimes melancholic but never predictable stories will be waiting for you in Montone. In these stories, the true hero is the one who knows how to face adversity, either counting only on his own strength, or with a little help. Stories of courage, revenge, love, tenacity and, above all, friendship. Here are the short films of the 26th Umbria Film Festival.

  • “Bottle Cap”, by Marie Hyon and Marco Spier. Lenght: 4’41”.
  • “Cocorica”, by Claire Auvin, Kesia Caprice-Lucien, Maxence Delaforge, Marine Hergault, Diane Feixas, Sarah Siadoux. Country: France. Lenght:            4’21”.
  • “Croc Marmottes”, by Benjamin Botella and Mathieu Courtois. Country: France. Lenght: 7’30”.
  • “Dans la Nature”, by Marcel Barelli. Country: Switzerland. Lenght: 5’.
  • “Épreuves du matin”, by Masa Avramovic. Country: France. Lenght: 3′.
  • “Gunther falls in love”, by Josephine Lohoar Self. Country: United Kingdom.
  • “Haut les coeurs”, by Adrian Moyse Dullin. Country: France. Lenght: 15′.
  • “Kunstunk”, by Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk. Country: Netherlands. Lenght: 2’15.
  • “La Reine des Renards”, by Marina Rosset. Country: Switzerland. Lenght: 9’.
  • “Mesozoique alternatif”, by Swann Boby, Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, Marie Schaeffer. Country: France. Lenght:        5’26”.
  • “Omar et Pincette”, by Julien Sulser. Country: Switzerland. Lenght: 7′.
  • “Roberto”, by Carmen Còrdoba Gonzàlez. Country: Spain. Lenght: 9’.
  • “The Fantastic Flying competition”, by John Croezen. Country: Netherlands.
  • “The sausage run”, by  Thomas Stellmach. Country: Germany, Belgium. Lenght: 9’45”.
  • “The soloists”, by Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Feben Elias Woldehawariat, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, Yi Liu. Country: France. Lenght: 7’57”.

This year the UFF is also tailor-made for the little ones:  find out the 0-3 shorts!

  • “Bemol”, by Oana Lacroix. Country: Switzerland. Lenght: 5’47”.
  • “Bristles”, by Quentin Haberham. Country: Netherlands. Lenght: 2’15”.
  • “Cuci cuci”, by Māra Liniņa. Country: Latvia. Lenght: 4’40”.
  • “La soupe de Franzy”, by Ana Chubinidze. Country: France.
  • “Spacapufi”, by Jaka Ivanc. Country: Slovenia. Lenght: 11’08”.
  • “Twinkle the tooth fairy”, by Han Seoa. Country: South Corea.
  • “Ursa”, by Natalia Malykhina. Country: Norway. Lenght: 10′.