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Ratrix Hero


Director: Raphael Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard
Script: R. Hernandez
Photography: Savitri Joly-Gonfard
Editing: R. Hernandez
Production: Raphael Hernandez, Savitri Joly-Gonfard
Year: 2006
Country: France

Running Time: 6′

Ratrix Hero takes its inspiration from the film The Matrix. The Hero is a rat and is chased by agents with cat’s head.


Raphael comes from the world of television where is used to be a director and an editor, he directed in 2001 a supernatural film Lame soeur, then in 2004, in the same category, La boite à musique.


Graduated from “Emile Cohl” (School of Art) has directed many animated short-films for his School of Art.

In 2005, Savitri and Raphael join together to direct a parodical animated lilm which takes its inspiration from the film The Matrix: Ratrix Hero.