Tommy the Kid

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Tommy the Kid


Director: Stuart Clegg
Script: Stuart Clegg
Photography: G.Jennings
Editing: S.Bekarian
Music: Julian Curwin
Cast: I. Harrison, R.Lester, G.Pickering
Production: S. Clegg, N. Limberis, J. Clegg
Year: 2006
Country: Australia

Running Time: 12′

Tom is a lonely kid. When his pushbike is stolen by a dealer, Tom feels powerless to do anything about it. But an encounter with the dealer’s dog gives him an idea.


Born in Carcoar, Australia, in 1976, began experimenting wilh filmmaking as a child using a cassette recorder and 35mm slide. After growing up in Sydney, Stuart decided to return to his hometown to shoot his debut shortflilm Tommy the Kid. When not making films, Clegg works for the Seven Network, a major Australian television broadcaster, and has also worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Channel 31. He plans to return to Carcoar to shoot a feature film in 2008.