Syria: and then my remains will tear apart …


Syria: and then my remains will tear apart…

The international politics is keeping the news of the war in Syria in the foreground. The constant spread of information by TV, newspapers and internet describes the tragic Syrian situation. However, it still difficult to understand what is really going on there. Most of the news is fragmented, unclear and hard to interpret. The titles of the last articles can be a prime example: the bombings of civils, missiles against military stationing, the discovery of mass graves in Raqqa, shooting against the ONU’s security team, the Russian raid in Idlib and Chlorine gas used to attack Saraqeb.  Although among all this, there is a good news, at the end of May the Italian territory welcomed a group of Syrians who escaped the war thanks to the community of Sant’Egidio and the Protestant churches. They were welcomed by supportive families which helped them to integrate into the community. It is a drop in the ocean, however, the realization of this programme would save 2000 refugees in two years, in a legal and secure way. On the 5th of July, the Syrian situation, the humanitarian corridors and the implication of the international politics will be discussed in Montone during the 2018 edition of the Umbria Film Festival. Shortly, the plan of the event and the names of the speakers will be conveyed.


Opening institutional greetings: Mirco Rinaldi Sindaco di Montone and Marisa Berna Presidente onorario Associazione Umbria Film.

Moderator of the meeting: Carla Barbarella Presidente Alisei Coop.

Introduced by: Mario Giro Comunità di Sant’Egidio, già Vice Ministro Affari Esteri e Coop. Internazionale, Akeel Almarai docente di lingua/letteratura araba Università per Stranieri Siena, membro Accademia di arabo/Il Cairo e Damasco, Dorothea Mueller Pastora della Chiesa valdese di Napoli, Walter Verini Parlamentare deputato alla Camera dei deputati.

Discussion with representatives of institutions, religious communities, associations and experts.

Concluded by: Alessandro Vestrelli Dirigente Programmazione Sociale – Regione Umbria


Thursday 5 July 2018 Church of San Francesco at 3.30 pm