Waiting for good weather

Everyone is aware that these days are not easy and carefree, nevertheless we’d like to bring a little bit of sunshine to your homes.

We are pleased to announce the return of the event that has welcomed all the enthusiastic and lovers of cinema for years: the 24th Umbria Film Festival’s dates have finally been chosen!

The 2020 edition will take place in the week from the 8 to 12 of July.

Through the alleys of Montone, the most exiting stories are waiting for you! There will be movies and animated shorts, which will be projected under the shadow of the town’s mighty medieval walls.

We are working no-stop to organize the event.

As it happens every year, we will offer you initiatives and activities suitable for everyone, the old and the young, and we’ll have the honor of welcoming guests of international fame.

Umbria Film Festival is free and open to all those who wish to experience the magical atmosphere given only by “the big screen”.

Hoping to have cheered up your day and with the faith that this storm will pass, we leave you with the words of one of the greatest masters of cinema:

There is no end. No beginning. There is only unlimited passion for life.

– Federico Fellini –