La passion de Jeanne D’Arc

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La passion de Jeanne D’Arc


Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Screenplay: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Photography: Rudolph Maté
Music: Victor Aliz, Leo Puget
Editing: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Scenography: Jean Hugo, Hermann Warm
Costumes: Valentin Hugo
Cast: Antonin Artaud, Renée Falconetti, Michel Simon
Production: Societé Generale De Films
Year: 1928
Country: France

Running Time: 110′

The film will be accompanied by live music played by the pianist John Sweeny.

Joan is captured in Compiègne. She is judged by the ecclesiastical tribunal and accused of heresy. After enduring ali the moral pressure and torture that ore inflicted on her, she is condemned to the stake and on the 25th of May 1431 she is burnt to death in the main square. The ferocious crowd attacks the guards, but the rebellion is cruelly repressed.