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Così ridevano

COSÌ RIDEVANO / The way we laughed

Director: Gianni Amelio
Screenplay: Gianni Amelio
Photography: Luca Bigazzi
Music: Franco Piersanti
Editing: Simona Paggi
Scenography: Giancarlo Basili
Cast: Enrico Lo Verso, Francesco Giuffrida
Production: Cecchi Gori
Distribution: Cecchi Gori
Year: 1998
Country: Italy

Running Time: 124’

In 1958, Giovanni, a Sicilian man, arrives in Turin where his younger brother Pietro already lives. Giovanni harbours an ambitious project: he is illiterate and would like his brother Pietro to complete his studies, get a diploma and become a school-teacher. While Giovanni manages with difficulty to become integrated in the immigrants’ community, Pietro pretends to attend school every morning.