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SANGUE VIVO / True blood

Director: Edoardo Winspeare
Screenplay: Giorgia Cecere, Edoardo Winspeare
Photography: Paolo Carnera
Music: Gruppo Zoë
Editing: Luca Benedetti
Scenography: Sabrina Balestra
Cast: Antonio Carluccio, Lucia Chiuri, Edoardo D’ambrosio, Anna Dimitri, Claudio Giangreco, Cinzia Marzo, Morena Mighali, Lamberto Probo, Addolorata Turco, Alessandro Valenti, Ivan Vrardo, Pino Zimba
Production: Sidecar Film & Tv
Distribution: Mikado – Pablo
Year: 2000
Country: Italy

Running Time: 95′

The movie tells of the cruel conflicts between two brothers that ends in tragedy. True blood is what always flows obsessively to the rhythm of the Salento drums of Puglia whenever are played.