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Director: Nick Broomfield
Script: Nick Broomfield, Jez Lewis
Photography: Mark Wolfe
Editing: Peter Christelis
Cast: Ai Qin Lin, Zhan Yu, Zhe Wei
Production: Nick Broomfield, Jez Lewis
Year: 2006
Country: Great Britain
Running Time: 96′


This is a film based on a true story. It is a disturbing portrayal of a secret world that is ali around uso Ai Qin, a young Chinese giri from Fujian, borrows $25,000 to pay the Snakehead gang to smuggle her into the UK so she can support her son and family back in China. Once in the UK she becomes another one of three million migrant workers that are the bedrock of its food supply chain, construction and hospitality industries. She lives with fifteen other Chinese in a two-bedroom suburban house. With an illegally forged work permit, she works in factories preparing food for british supermarkets. On February 5th 2004 twenty-three Chinese drowned in Morecambe, their families in China are stili paying off their debts.


Studied Law at Cardiff. and Political Science at Essex University. He then went on to study Film at the National Film School. He made his first film Who Cares about slum clearance in Liverpool, while at university: by borrowing a wind up Bolex camera, and shooting it on short ends, Nick was originally influenced by the observational style of Fred Wiseman and Robert Leacock and Pennebaker. before moving on largely by accident to the more idiosyncratic style for which he is better known, While making Driving Me Crazy in 1988, Nick decided to place himself and the producer of the film in the story. as a way of making sense of the event. This experiment led to a sense of greater freedom. and led to a more investigative and experimental type of filmmaking.